5 Tips for Buying a Quality Mattress

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Choosing a mattress can sometimes backfire. Not infrequently a mattress that looks beautiful from the outside turns out to be unable to provide comfort. Moreover, the mattress also directly affects the quality of sleep and your body structure. When choosing a quality mattress, what factors need to be considered

A Quality Mattress Has Proportional Support

Choose a mattress that can properly support your spine. If this support is not strong enough and too soft, the body will easily sink into it. Conversely, if it is too strong, your shoulders will be pressed up. Gradually, this will cause your shoulders and back to often have problems. The right mattress is a mattress that has little pressure. So that when sleeping, the body does not move much. The result is a more comfortable sleep.

Don’t Be Shy to Try it

When you are sorting out a mattress, don’t just look at it and sit on it. You must try lying on it to feel the sensation of the mattress. Try it for a few minutes and make sure it’s comfortable for you. Do not let you regret having bought it in the future.

Choosing the Right Size

To get the right mattress size, you just have to adjust it to your body size. For example, if your height is 170 cm, you can choose a mattress that is 180 cm and above. But unfortunately, for those of you who are above 200 cm in height, you have to customize it yourself because there is rarely an appropriate size. For information on mattress sizes, see here.

Not Easy to Absorb Water

Humidity that occurs in the rainy season sometimes makes a soft mattress turn rock hard. Of course, a mattress with a texture like that is less comfortable to sleep on. In addition, damp mattresses are also often a nest of bacteria and germs.

Full of Tenderness

The softness factor will indirectly affect the quality of your sleep. A soft mattress will certainly make our bodies instantly feel relaxed.