The minimalist house is one of the house models in modern architecture that emphasizes things that are essential and have more functional values. For urban people, this type of house usually consists of several floors. In case you’re interested in knowing more info on oversized hoodie, stop by www.staycomfy.no

But in general, the concept of a 1-story minimalist house and a 2-storey minimalist house have the same characteristics, namely carrying simplicity in both form and function, carrying an open plan interior, and simple minimalist home decoration. check out this page japanese wabi sabi interiors THE STRESS-FREE DESIGN STYLE WE NEED Flowers flowersonbaystreet

The application of this minimalist house color paint tends to be more colorful and uses pastel colors. All of these characteristics also mean that the less detail is shown, the less time and budget is required. So, how to make a modern minimalist house with a mediocre budget? Check out the 6 tips below!

Plan Exactly

The first step to building a house with a minimalist concept is to start with the right planning. There are several things that need to be considered starting from the size of the building to its completion target.

The existence of proper and mature planning will control the occurrence of errors during the development process. The reason is, if this plan is not in accordance with the plan, it will have a bad impact on the existing budget.

Use Local Ingredients

Using local materials is an inexpensive way to reduce the development budget. The reason is, the quality of local materials is not inferior to foreign-produced materials. The price offered is also cheaper.

Selective Select Builder

The builder or handyman is the part that will spend a lot of money. Therefore, you must be selective in choosing a handyman. There is nothing wrong with looking for a handyman with good quality work, but at an affordable price.

Count Per Unit

The next saving tips can be reached by calculating the required items individually, for example house drawings, material specifications, and the price of a handyman’s wages. Don’t forget to add 10% VAT to the building budget plan.

Diligent Price Research

Building a minimalist house with a mediocre budget means that you have to be diligent in researching the prices of building materials and the allocation of other funds. Don’t hesitate to go in and out of building material shops to get the cheapest material prices.

Build Gradually

Finally, minimalist home tips that should not be ignored, namely gradual development. As the owner, you don’t have to wait until the funds are collected and cover all the necessary budgets.

The development process should be carried out in stages starting from the foundation, building construction, to roof installation. Although it takes longer, this method will provide an opportunity for those of you who want to focus more. Funding is also more regular and can be monitored.

Well, that was some information about tips that you need to pay attention to if you want to have a minimalist home style. After the residence is finished, it is better if you have home insurance as early as possible.

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