Tips for Choosing a Floor for Your Kitchen


Are you renovating a kitchen and confused about choosing the right floor for your kitchen? Yup, we really can’t just choose a floor for your kitchen. This is because the kitchen floor is prone to slippery if exposed to splashes of oil.

Mom, what kind of floor do you use in the kitchen at home? Never choose a floor for your kitchen, lo! It’s not just about looking cool. But we also have to pay attention to the safety factor in the kitchen.

We have to choose the safest floor material floor for your kitchen, so it doesn’t slip. As we know, when cooking oil splashes can fall on the floor. This can make the floor slippery and dangerous for us. So, to keep the family at home safe, you have to choose the right type of floor for the kitchen. What are the options?

Floor for Your Kitchen Type terrazzo

The first-floor recommendation for the kitchen is the type of terrazzo floor. This flooring material is made from a mixture of broken marble, glass, cement, and sand so it is not easily slippery.

Well, apart from being non-slip, the advantage of this type of terrazzo floor … Read More

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The Benefits of Having a Rooftop Garden, Makes the House Cooler

Having a Rooftop Garden

The rooftop garden is a garden located on the top floor of the building. Usually, this garden is filled with green plants along with chairs and small tables to relax. Not only does it cool the house, but it also turns out that there are other benefits of having a rooftop garden that is good for our homes.

Many people take advantage of the spaciousness of the upper part of the house by making a rooftop garden. Not just maximizing empty land at home, the presence of a rooftop garden also has other benefits for our homes.

One of the benefits of a rooftop garden is to reduce the sun’s heat that will enter the house so that the house becomes cooler. Another interesting fact, having a rooftop garden can also help reduce the effects of global warming, you know!

So, for Moms who are still unsure about using the land above the house, see the benefits of having a  garden below, come on!

Self-Cultivated Land

For moms whose hobby is farming, a  garden is perfect for growing several types of plants. Yup, we can use the garden to become a garden for fruits, vegetables, medicinal plants, or … Read More

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