How to Care for Kitchen Marble Countertops

Marble Countertops

The modern kitchen concept can actually be incorporated into any room model simply by changing the constituent materials. You can even apply this concept to a luxurious kitchen. Here you just use materials that look elegant as the main component. Marble is certainly the most appropriate choice to create these nuances. Including the manufacture of kitchen marble countertops.

Marble is a material that has high quality. Not only does it have an attractive appearance, but the structure of this material is also very good so it has very high strength. But of course, you need to take care of the marble kitchen table regularly so that its charm is maintained and it doesn’t break quickly. Make it a habit to clean it all the time. Likewise, you also have to do the maintenance effort that must be given to the table.

Below are the efforts you need to make in caring for a marble kitchen countertop, including:

Protect the Marble Countertop from Scratches

The first form of maintenance that must be applied to marble kitchen countertops is to ensure that they are always protected. You have to try to avoid the table from scratches, bumps, or impacts. Don’t let … Read More

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Minimalist Kitchen Tips on a Limited Budget

Minimalist Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. You certainly need a clean, comfortable and functional kitchen to support your cooking routine. Organizing the kitchen will be easier if the design is in accordance with your needs. Actually you do not need to prepare a lot of money if you want to do a renovation on the home kitchen. Budget limitations are not an obstacle to managing a minimalist kitchen. Just follow these practical tips to create a minimalist kitchen with a limited

Measuring Kitchen Capacity First

The kitchen renovation process cannot be separated from measurements. You must measure the capacity of the kitchen first before planning a renovation. So you can estimate the amount of material needed for the renovation process. You must prioritize renovations on damaged kitchen parts so that your kitchen will function again optimally after going through the renovation process.


White is the Best Color

If you want to arrange a minimalist style kitchen, white is the right solution. This color does not require complicated finishing stages. Then you don’t need to prepare a lot of budget to buy various colors of paint. The minimalist white … Read More

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