Whether your bathroom is small and cramped or large and spacious, there never seems to be enough storage space to keep all of your personal care items organized. From makeup and hair products to towels and toiletries, the bathroom can easily become cluttered and messy, causing frustration and stress. If you’re ready to transform your bathroom, here are some clever shelf solutions that can help you declutter and maximize your space.

1. Over-the-Toilet Shelving

Over-the-toilet shelving is a popular solution for small bathroom storage. It provides extra space to store items you use regularly such as towels, toilet paper, and even baskets filled with toiletries. Look for shelves that rest on the floor and attach to the wall for added stability.

2. Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are an excellent solution for bathrooms with limited counter space or where you want to display decorative items. Install the shelves above the sink or toilet to keep items off the counter and give your bathroom a clean and modern look. These shelves come in a variety of materials like wood, glass, and metal so you can choose depending on your style.

3. Corner Shelves

Maximize the space in your bathroom by utilizing corner shelves. These types of shelves are perfect for storing small items such as bottles of shampoo, soap, and shaving cream. They will also give you additional storage space where it’s not much used.

4. Cabinet Door Storage

Make use of the inside of your cabinet doors by installing storage racks and hooks. You can use these racks to hang hair dryers, curling irons, and other hair styling tools, keeping them off the counter and out of the way when not in use. Plastic or metal organizers/hooks can be found in stores or online and installed with ease.

5. Built-in Shelves

If you are planning a renovation project, consider installing built-in shelves. These shelves blend into the walls of your bathroom and provide ample storage space for all of your personal care items. Built-in shelves are custom-made, so you can tailor them to your specific needs and specifications.


No matter how big or small your bathroom is, there are clever shelf solutions that can help you declutter and maximize your space. From over-the-toilet shelving to cabinet door storage, these shelves provide extra space to store items, keep your bathroom organized, and make your mornings less stressful. Follow the tips above and transform your bathroom into a clutter-free sanctuary.

By NueAza

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