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Sometimes, it might seem like a small bathroom just isn’t large enough for all of the amenities that you need. Fortunately, with a little remodeling, you can transform a small bathroom into one that appears larger and that has all of the essentials that you need for storing everything from towels to shampoo and conditioner. Before beginning your remodeling project, take plenty of measurements to ensure that you get all of the materials that you need for the floor, walls, and counters so that you don’t have to go back to the store in the middle of working.

All The Same Design

If your bathroom seems like it has the same design for the floor, counters, and the wall, then you might want to consider a bathroom remodeling Kansas City MO idea that many companies offer that would give each area its own look. A floating vanity offers more space underneath and doesn’t take up as much room as a vanity that is built to the wall and has cabinets underneath. Add new lights above the vanity mirror so that they will reflect throughout the bathroom, making it appear as though the room is larger.

In The Darkness

If you live in an area that doesn’t see a lot of sunshine or your bathroom is in an area of the home where the sun doesn’t reach, such as the basement or an interior hallway, then consider painting the small bathroom white and using other bright colors. White walls with dark counters and shelves will brighten any bathroom and will also allow you to use any decorations on the walls and the counters that you like instead of being limited to items that match the colors of the floor and walls. You could also paint the walls light blue, light green, or other pale colors for a calming impact while you’re in the bathroom.

Floating Shelves

Instead of keeping large cabinets and shelving units in the bathroom, install floating shelves that you can move around when needed. These are smaller than other types of shelves but can still hold the items that you want to keep on display in the room. You can also keep toiletries on them as well as a few towels and washcloths if the shelves are wide enough.

Remove The Tub

One way to add more space to your small bathroom is to remove the tub and install a walk-in shower. When remodeling the bathroom to include the walk-in shower, you can use glass doors to enhance the appearance of the room and to make it appear a bit more spacious than using a shower curtain. White tiles with a design on the shower wall as well as white tiles on the floor brighten the room as well.

Recessed Storage

While this idea might require removing some wall space, recessed storage is an option to consider if you don’t have a lot of room for cabinets in the bathroom. You can make the cabinets and shelves as large as you want since you’re using the interior structure of the room. Make sure you secure the shelves and cabinets and that you don’t interfere with any of the beams in the wall.

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