One of the worst things that can happen to any homeowner, is to find that there is a leak in their roof. The damage that can be done by water that comes into your home can be devastating. Not only is there a risk to the wood structure of the roof from rain water, the ceilings and floors as well as furniture could be destroyed. If you find that this is happening in your home, you will want to contact a roof repair company as soon as possible.

Finding a Contractor for an Estimate

Search the internet to find a listing of companies in your area who do this type of work. The work can be done either by a roofing company or through a general contractor. Contact a few of them and get estimates for the job. They can advise you if you need a repair or a complete roof replacement. You should obtain several estimates before making a decision on what to do. Choose the one that you feel is giving you the best deal for the work to be done. You could also look at reviews of the company online to see how well they have done work at previous customers’ homes. Looking under roof repair minneapolis mn will find many listings.

Making a Repair or Replacing the Roof

Your contractor will be able to let you know which of these options is best in your situation. If your roof is older and has not been replaced for many years, they may suggest replacing the entire thing. For newer roofs, they will often repair and patch the area that is affected. Repairs to a roof will take less than one day to complete while a replacement could take a week or more.

Charges for the Work to Be Done

Depending on the work you have chosen to do on your roof, the price could be quite significant. Minor roof repairs are easy and simple to do, and your contractor will give you a low price. Replacing the entire roof is much higher and the total cost will depend on how much work is involved. If after removing the roofing material, the contractor finds damage to the underlayment, the price will go up. These changes in price should be discussed prior to beginning the work. Many times, if a roof leak is not repaired in a short period of time, damage will result.

Your new roof will come with a warranty from the manufacturer and will typically be for a period of thirty years. This warranty is only for the materials. Your contractor will be able to give you a guarantee for the work that is done by his company. This will be for a short period of time, generally six months to a year. If at any time during the guarantee period you find that you have any leaks in the roof, contact your contractor immediately. He will make any repairs and if there is a problem with the materials, he will contact the manufacturer on your behalf.

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