Home Renovations with a Minimalist Budget



After all these years, our house can look dull. This happens because some parts are unsightly, conditions worsen, and lack of maintenance. Often we think of doing home renovations, but the limited cost and time become the main barrier. The many other more pressing needs eventually make us neglect home renovations.

When you hear the word home renovation, do not always think that the costs to be incurred will drain the contents of savings. Conversely, there are many ways you can do to renovate a house in a low budget. How do you do this? The following home renovation tips that will not drain the budget

Protect and Maintain Furniture

Furniture that has long been used should not be removed first. The replacement of all furniture can be a waste. The simple thing in renovating a house is to keep your furniture clean. Especially if you are a fan of wood furniture. Then there are several factors that must be considered, such as sunlight, temperature, and humidity.

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Protecting the Wall During Home Renovations

Home renovations do not have to replace or change everything in the room. Home renovations intended to protect the walls alone have made it look new. Display walls are dull and blister, of course, will look not good. The first thing you can do when renovating a house is to choose the right color for wall paint.

Updating Door Design

It is undeniable that the first thing we see when entering a house is the door. With this in mind, you can focus on renovating the house at the entrance. If the door of your house is made of wood and has shown signs that are not good, you can immediately renovate the house by adding some decoration or carvings to cover it.


Rearrange Lighting

Before doing a major house renovation, first, check whether your home’s lights have been a problem. How come? Poor and improper lighting can certainly make your house unsightly

What do you think after listening to some useful tips for home renovation? For those of you who have a limited budget for home renovations, you don’t need to be discouraged. Because you can now practice the tips above without draining your wallet.


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