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A problem that often arises when the rainy season arrives is a leaking roof. If not addressed immediately, a leaky roof can endanger our lives, lo! Starting from the danger of slipping, to the danger of an electric short circuit. There are several things you can do to deal with a leaky roof. Here are the tips.

Usually, a leaky roof is caused by high rain intensity. So that the roof shifts, there are cracks, and an amount of dirt accumulates in the gutters.

If this is not handled properly and quickly. Seepage of water that enters due to a leaky roof can harm us, you know! Starting from the danger of slipping, to the danger of electric short circuits.

For that, Mom must immediately take steps to overcome the leaky roof below:

Find the Source of the Leak

Before dealing with a leaky roof, Mom must find the center of the leak. If it’s hard to find a leaky roof, Papa can ask another family member to help water the roof of the house. A leaky roof is also usually marked by blackish water stains and accompanied by a buildup of mold.

Replace the Damaged Roof

Now, that we have found the leak point, we can check what caused it. Usually, a leaky roof is caused by a shifting or broken tile. If the leak is caused by a changing tile position, Mom can reposition the roof so it’s neat again as before with care, okay?

However, if the leak is caused by damage or the tile is broken, we must replace the tile with a new one. For your information, the roof is the part of the house that is often exposed to weather changes. As the years go by, roofs can become brittle and prone to cracking. So we have to check it before the rainy season comes.

Install Plastic Lining Under the Roof

To deal with a leaking roof, you can also install a thick layer of plastic under the roof. This method is done to hold water dripping from the roof.

However, we can only do this method for a while, okay? Because plastic is only temporary and can tear at any time. If Mom has found a new roof, you can replace it right away, okay?

Cover with Waterproofing Fluid

To prevent the roof from leaking again, you can use a waterproofing fluid. Waterproofing liquid is useful for making the roof more watertight, even though heavy rains hit.

Just a tip when doing roof coating. Do this coating when the weather is sunny, OK? The goal is that the waterproofing liquid can stick perfectly to the roof of the house.

Repair the Eracks with Sealant

Maybe Mom is still unfamiliar with sealants. FYI, the sealant is a special glue for home interiors that is often used to glue ceilings. Well, this glue can also be used to deal with leaky roofs, you know!

Mom just needs to apply a sealant to the cracked roof. When the glue has dried, we can apply it again, until the surface is completely covered. Its adhesive properties are good, able to hold water from entering our homes.

Those are some ways to deal with a leaky roof when the rainy season arrives. If Mom can’t do it herself, you can ask for expert help, really. Come on, check the condition of the roof regularly!

By NueAza

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