Outdoor Storage Options: The Best Kind for Your Needs

Outdoor storage sheds can be incredibly versatile and are a great way to add extra storage, give yourself more sheltered space to pot plants or work on small projects, or even create a play area for kids or a hideaway for yourself. You can find a variety of wooden, plastic, and metal barns for sale in all shapes and sizes. Some come pre-assembled and ready to install, while others you may need to put together yourself or build from scratch if you’re feeling ambitious! The following is a brief look at the features of the three most popular materials for outdoor storage options, so you can find the right one for your needs:


Wooden storage sheds, barns, and containers are a popular option as they are aesthetically pleasing and easy to customize when it comes to size and shape. Most wood storage options need to be built by hand or at least assembled on site, which may be either a good or bad thing depending on how handy you are with tools. These types of sheds are usually built with planks of wood and connectors that can be bought as a set. Since you are not assembling pre-fabricated siding it is easy to get a structure that fits exactly the size and shape you need. Keep in mind, though, that wood needs to be properly treated to protect it from the elements, and even then, these structures are more prone to having issues with rot and weather damage.


Plastic storage options are lightweight and can be less expensive than wood or metal. These sheds or barns can come pre-assembled or in pieces that you need to put together yourself. This usually requires a few simple tools and a couple hours following directions and is a great option for anyone not comfortable building something themselves. Plastic can be more weather-resistant than wood (depending on the comparative quality of your materials) but it is harder to make plastic structures completely waterproof around the joints and seams. Plastic also heats up easily and is difficult to insulate. While you may be able to add insulation to wood or metal, this isn’t really an option with plastic as you will need to drill into the structure itself and create more places where water can seep in.


Metal is probably the most durable option for outdoor storage as it is extremely hardy and resistant to wear and tear from the elements. Metal storage sheds, barns, or containers can last for years and are fairly low maintenance. You can purchase larger structures pre-assembled or attach pre-cut metal pieces to a wooden frame with relativity little hassle (though you may need two people for the job due to the weight of the pieces). Metal also gets hot very quickly in the sun and will need additional insulation, especially if you plan on turning your structure into a workroom or hang-out space where you plan can spend a lot of time.

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