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Currently, home wallpaper has become an accessory that is often used in the interior of homes. Wallpaper is considered capable of presenting a more attractive atmosphere when compared to the use of wall paint. Here are tips on how to choose the wallpaper for your home interior

Adjust to Home Design

In the process of choosing wallpaper, both the motifs and colors of the wallpaper used, need to be adjusted to the interior style. For a romantic room, choose subtle prints, flowers, or stripes wrapped in a pastel background. Meanwhile, if the room is casual in style, we recommend plain motifs with natural colors.

If your home is contemporary in style, then large geometric, metallic, or floral motifs against a glossy wallpaper surface are perfect choices. However, if you choose the traditional style, then beautify the interior with wallpaper of dots and intricate lines that are matched the color of the furniture in the room.

Customize with Home Wallpaper  Placement Pattern

Wallpaper placement patterns also affect the appearance of the wallpaper used. When you choose to cover all sides of the room’s walls with wallpaper, classic-themed wallpaper or horizontal stripes will create a room that feels spacious. For those of you who like a trendy look, simple wallpaper or large patterned wallpaper can actually make you’re interior look more attractive.

The second option, if you only want to cover one wall, choose a bold and striking motif, then place it on the wall closest to the sofa. To make the room feel luxurious, choose a glossy wallpaper surface when exposed to bright light.

However, if you are more interested in placing wallpaper cutting one of the walls with wallpaper. Floral motifs are still the prima donna. There is a growing trend in wallpaper placement patterns like this, namely choosing the color of the wallpaper with the color of the wall paint. This trend will result in the appearance of a painted wall in the middle.

Finally, for the wallpaper placement technique, it is only on the ceiling. This technique will give birth to a Victorian-style interior, So you should also choose metallic colors when using this method.

Whether There is Adhesive on the Wallpaper

After you have chosen the motif and pattern for placing the wallpaper. The next step is to look for it based on whether there is adhesive on the wallpaper paper you are going to buy. Wallpaper that has been accompanied by adhesive on the back will make it easier for you to attach it to the wall. Meanwhile, non-adhesive wallpaper often has stronger adhesion because we use special glue.

Avoid Choosing Small and Complicated Patterned Wallpapers

If you are still new to wallpaper, you should not choose small and complicated patterned wallpaper. Why? Most likely such a motive will make it difficult for you when you want to install it.

As we have discussed before, before sticking it to the wall. The wallpaper needs to be cut into pieces so that it is easier for us to install it. If the motif you choose looks complicated, then you will also be in trouble when rearranging the motifs from the wallpaper.

Flat Wallpaper or 3D Wallpaper

In choosing wallpaper based on texture, you can adjust it according to your personal taste. 3D (textured) wallpapers can add dimension and cover up imperfections in a room. Meanwhile, the advantage of flat wallpaper is that it has more variety, especially in its surface appearance.

In general, flat wallpapers soften the walls of a room. While 3D wallpapers create a relaxing interior. If you want to cover up the lack of a room wall but don’t like 3D wallpaper. Choose a flat wallpaper with a striped motif (vertical stripes to increase height, while horizontal stripes to increase area.

Determine the Wallpaper to be Purchased

Actually, knowing how much wallpaper you need is very easy. First, measure the length and width of each side of the wall. Then add them all up to find the total area of the wall. After the results are obtained, these results are then reduced by the area of the door and the area of the window. This is the minimum wallpaper size you should buy. However. It is better if these results are added a few meters in case you lack wallpaper due to cuts and joints.

By NueAza

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