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Essential Tips for Treating Herpes Naturally and Prevent Spreading

Herpes have been proved to be the most transmitted sexually disease. The problem with this type of infection is that it shows no symptoms. It signifies that if infected with herpes, its virus can actually live inside your immune system for your whole life without knowing. There are times when you can live with this infection and still not know if you are infected. Some of the symptoms that you are probably going to realize when affected by herpes are having painful blisters in anal areas or around the lips or mouth. Infected individuals of this condition are now wondering how they can get the natural treatment of the disease. It is practical that you will possibly not get a cure to the virus that causes both the mouth and the genital herpes but the good news is that there are a lot of natural ways out there that you can possibly use so as to control the herpes. If you want to stop herpes, the following are some of the most important natural ways of curbing the problems of herpes.

It is possible to cure herpes by applying the essential oils. You can use essential oils like tea tree oil, clove oil, myrrh oil that can prove to be effective for the treatment of sores that are caused by herpes. There is a soothing relief from itching from the sores that are provided by the antimicrobial properties that are present in essential oils after removing germs in those sores. You might be having a susceptible skin but the idea here is diluting the essential oils with the carrier oils such as coconut oil.

The other thing that you need to do so as to naturally cure herpes is to apply vitamin E and zinc. When you are suffering from oral herpes, the best way of controlling it is by the use of vitamin E. You will instantly be able to realize the pain relieve once you apply vitamin E on your cold sores. You can also apply the zinc sulphate to the affected parts of your genitals and you will realize a pain relief to those paining parts. Once the sores are healed by the application of zinc, the remission of herpes is delayed definitely.

Another natural remedy to the genital herpes is the application of the bee glue. Bee glue is rich in flavonoids.

It is also advisable that you avoid having mouth contact or sex with individuals who are infected with herpes. Make sure that you avoid sharing things that are going to touch your lips for you to avoid oral herpes and also get rid of intercourse with people infected with genital herpes or use protective gadgets.

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