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Family Devotions

People can be able to learn together when they do family devotions. Family devotions can be done using a devotional book which deals with family topics. This family devotional books are well planned so that a family can progress from one topic to another and grow through the devotions. A family can decide to use a family devotional on a weekly basis or on the times that they can be able to meet.

Family must set aside regular time for family devotions because consistency is important for one’s spiritual growth. Family devotionals require a set amount of time so that family members can be able to go through the studies in a satisfactory manner. A family devotional mostly include a topic of discussion, questions for discussion and a prayer. For proper guidance, a family should read from God’s word during their devotion time. By taking time to read the words in the Bible, a family can be able to get joy and strength from the words of the bible.

Members of the family can use discussion time to get clarifications on things that they do not understand after reading from the Bible. Families can also have praise and worship during the family devotion time. Some families may choose to have confession time in their family devotions. Parents should provide a platform where family members can participate freely in the discussions but they can still offer leadership when necessary.
Some of the topics that family members may bring up may be uncomfortable but they should also be dealt with in an understanding and loving manner.

Through family devotions, families can be able to support one another through the issues that they are dealing with. Family members can be able to love one another more and create stronger bonds when they handle real issues and become real with each other.
They can also pray for each other during this time and encourage one another. One can pray for extended family members and communities during the family devotion time.

The advantage of having family devotion time is that family members will get to know each other better. Family members can also decide to use different methods of devotion in different times. Family members can also have fun together when they set aside one night from their family devotion time to just enjoy each other. Family devotion time can help to shape the character of family members and this is why it is important to make an investment in this time. Family devotions are some of the ways that parents can show leadership and train their children in the bible.

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