Tips for Choosing a Floor for Your Kitchen

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Are you renovating a kitchen and confused about choosing the right floor for your kitchen? Yup, we really can’t just choose a floor for your kitchen. This is because the kitchen floor is prone to slippery if exposed to splashes of oil.

Mom, what kind of floor do you use in the kitchen at home? Never choose a floor for your kitchen, lo! It’s not just about looking cool. But we also have to pay attention to the safety factor in the kitchen.

We have to choose the safest floor material floor for your kitchen, so it doesn’t slip. As we know, when cooking oil splashes can fall on the floor. This can make the floor slippery and dangerous for us. So, to keep the family at home safe, you have to choose the right type of floor for the kitchen. What are the options?

Floor for Your Kitchen Type terrazzo

The first-floor recommendation for the kitchen is the type of terrazzo floor. This flooring material is made from a mixture of broken marble, glass, cement, and sand so it is not easily slippery.

Well, apart from being non-slip, the advantage of this type of terrazzo floor is that it is resistant to scratches and friction from furniture that has heavy loads. So, don’t spoil the look of the floor. Even so, the price of this floor is relatively expensive, Mom. Naturally, anyway, because it has good quality.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring made of wood is also suitable for the kitchen. Yup, a wood-toned floor will give Mom’s kitchen a warm and natural feel. In addition, the advantages of vinyl flooring are that they are not easily slippery and are resistant to water. So it is very suitable if we use it as a floor for your kitchen, right?

However, the drawback of vinyl flooring is that the color fades quickly and cannot withstand heavy loads. If you don’t want to change vinyl floors, you have to look for premium-quality vinyl floors.

Terracotta Floors

Floor choices for the next kitchen are terracotta. This type of first floor is made from traditionally processed clay, so it doesn’t make it slippery.

This type of terracotta floor has several advantages. Starting from the orange color that gives a natural and classic impression, to the material that gives a cold feeling. Perfect for the kitchen, right?

Even so, if left in the open, terracotta floors are susceptible to porous and cracking. Therefore, this type of floor is only safe to use inside the house.

Granite Floors

One of the floors that has a rough texture is granite. Yup, the rough texture makes the granite floor non-slip, so it doesn’t slip easily. In addition, this type of first floor has low absorption, so it is more durable and long-lasting.

Because it is made of granite, the advantages of this floor can beautify the interior of the house to make it more modern. However, the lack of this type of granite floor is a difficult installation process. Because the material is heavier than other types of floors.

So, those are some recommendations for the type of floor suitable for the kitchen. In addition to beautifying the house’s interior, the types of floors above are also safe not to slip.