Top Five Things You Learn Living by the Beach

A cool breeze in your hair, the sounds of the water splashing against the sun-baked sand, the sight of ducks racing through the water, there is no doubt about it, living on a beach is amazing. Beachfront property isn’t cheap, but that’s because living near a beach is a beautiful way to connect with nature and enjoy the sounds of water and the stunning scenery that comes along with it. If you just bought a house near the beach, congratulation on joining the beach life. Here are five things you are going to learn.

Peace Can Solve Problems

Sitting out and staring at the beach isn’t only relaxing, it’s a great way to help solve some of life’s greatest problems. Did you have a bad day? Stare at the beach. Do you have a difficult work assignment? Stare at the beach. Are you thinking about starting a new business? You guessed it; stare at the beach. Sitting in the cool sand near the shade and feeling the breeze blow off of the water and into your hair is a great way to start any morning.

Summer is Good; Winter is Better

Most people think of summer when they think of beaches, but as you live on one you will slowly learn that winter is even better. Beaches are dead during the winter, so if you bought one near people, this will be a great time to feel the cool sand under your toes and you wrap up in a scarf and coat.

Decks are Amazing

You need timber decking northern beaches. There is nothing, nothing better than sitting on a warm deck and looking out at the water. It’s a nearly religious experience.

Reading on the Beach is Better

It’s a psychological fact that reading on the beach makes books more interesting. We aren’t sure if this is because the beach is so amazing, or because the sounds help you concentrate. Either way, reading on the beach is better than reading anywhere else.

Mental Health Boost

Living near a beach is a huge mental health boost. Psychologist term this as “blue space” and it refers to the great mindfulness that comes along with sitting on a beach. Humans have always had a connection with water. We spent the majority of our early years munching on fish, so it’s no surprise that the water calms us down and helps us think clearer.

If you bought a house on the beach getting ready for the most exciting adventure of your life. It’s a great place to relax and take in the world without all of the distractions of the city life. Living on a beach is one of the greatest feelings in the world. So, jump out on your deck, grab a margarita, and sit back and listen to the sounds of the ocean while that cool breeze blows in your face. Talk about an absolutely perfect way to spend the day. Enjoy the beaches, everyone! They will change your life forever.

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