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Though you probably know that the poor dental care may cause cavities but do you have an idea that the other and also a lot more serious health issues could actually result to that poor oral care? What you must know is that if you don’t take proper care for your teeth, then you can actually face a lot more serious problems than just a toothache or those stains.

You should know that you may get cardiovascular disease or heart disease from poor dental health. Such bacteria from inflammation of the gums as well as the periodontal diseases can enter the bloodstream and go to the arteries in the heart and also cause atherosclerosis or such hardening of the arteries. This would then cause plaque to the develop on those inner walls of the arteries that may thicken and also decrease or block the flow of blood through the body. This would lead to such increased risk of stroke or heart attack. Such inner lining of the heart may also get infected and inflamed and the condition would be known as endocarditis.

You must also understand that when there is gingivitis can go to your brain through those nerve channels in the head or via the bloodstream, such might also lead to the development of Alzheimer’s disease that causes dementia.

When you don’t take care of your teeth properly, then you may also get respiratory infections. Such gum disease can cause you to have such infections in the lungs including pneumonia. Such condition may not obvious at first but you must think of what could happen from breathing in such bacteria from those infected gums or the teeth for a really long time.

You also need to know that such diabetic complications or the gum tissue inflammation as well as the periodontal disease may make it much more difficult to control the blood sugar and make worse symptoms of diabetes. The diabetes sufferers would become a lot more susceptible to the periodontal disease and also make the right dental care much more important for those people with disease.

When you would floss and brush your teeth, then you can keep such pearly whites and they may also help in preventing those serious health issues. The poor dental care is a possible factor too in other conditions like those immune system problems, the problems with pregnancy, weak bones and also that low birth weight.

To maintain good health, it is also necessary that you establish good hygiene habits. Having the right dental care is really necessary in a lot of ways which you might not have actually known before. You also need to encourage the family to practice good oral hygiene through brushing after each meal with the use of a fluoride toothpaste, flossing each day and also making use of the mouth rinse for killing bacteria.

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