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Are you a homeowner who thinks you may have a mice problem in the home? Have you heard squeaking noises underneath your stove, behind the refrigerator or throughout your cabinets? Usually when there is a sound of movement, a majority of times there is movement, and that is little unwelcomed critters living in your home with you. According to CDC.gov, mice can transmit multiple diseases such as hantavirus, hemorrhagic fever, lassa fever, leptospirosis, LCM, Omsk Hemorrhagic Fever, Plague, Rat-Bite Fever, Salmonellosis and more. Mice are not clean creatures and can actually cause harm to you and your family if you allow them to stay in your home. It is important that once mice are detected, you take immediate action to stop and prevent further infestation.

Mice infestations can happen to anyone and can get really bad if you let it. Mice reproduce fast and they reproduce a lot of babies at a time. According to Realtor.com, one mouse can pop out about 150 babies per year. These pesky animals can cause an infestation very fast if preventative measures are taken and controlled. You do not want to have an infestation because mice can really cause some harm to you and your family members in the home. Mice carry a lot of bacteria and dangerous viruses that they can pass on. You can easily contract one of these diseases if you come in direct contact with their urine, feces or saliva. In addition, mice continue to infest your home and ruin and damage your property because their teeth never stop growing. Mice can bite through barriers, plastic, rubber, vinyl, foam, wood and drywall. Mice actually can bite through anything, so it is critical that you stop them in their tracks.

Many people don’t realize that mice are not that easy to get rid of. There are myths that are around that people still believe, such as having a cat to control the mice population. In order to properly get rid of mice, you have to take several measures in combating the mice population. You have to set up old school traps to decrease the mice population in the home. You also have to go around your home and inspect for little holes and or spaces that mice are able to come in and out from. Also look around your home on the external areas and search for little entryways into your home. You will need to seal up all holes and spaces that mice can access entry. In addition, you should consider getting professional help by looking online for: seal home to prevent mice st charles il. From here, you’ll get a list of pest control companies that specialize in ridding mice from your home.

Overall, a mice infestation is the last thing you want in your home. It can cause great harm and disease to you and your family if you come in contact with them. Make sure that you do what you can to prevent mice from entering your home and causing an infestation, where it will be harder to get rid of.

By NueAza

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